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End of Year Tea Party
The month of December 2015 was extremely busy for KPF. The dentists in all three branches were full booked right till the very last day of the month. Everyone in KPF worked very hard as we were very eager to reach our target for the year. We did not hit the target but it was a near miss and we were happy because we knew we did our very best. And we had great fun celebrating it at our end of the year tea party. We had good food, exchange of gifts and played games; it was a good end to the year 2015!

After a good new-year break, everyone is once again ready to face the challenges of 2016. Dr Fauziah already has plans to make the KPF team move forward and be better and give the best to all our patients. One of it is to give our website a MAKEOVER (yes, we do like the word makeover, don’t we?). She has been working with an outstanding web designer to give the website a fresh new look. She told us that we need new photos as we have increased in the number of staff and we have new faces in the team. Therefore, she arranged to have photo shoot session.

Dr Fauziah being photographed
Little did we think it was going to be a simple photo shoot session. Dr Fauziah instructed all three clinics to block the afternoon of 26 January 2016 so that everyone can be present at the Publika branch. She had a team of makeup artists to give us a makeover! And hired a professional photographer!
That's me having my makeup done. Anxious like a patient having a makeover 😉
It was very much overwhelming for all of us. Some waited eagerly to have their makeup done. Others who had done their makeup kept taking selfies. In one corner someone was getting her hair done. At the front of the clinic the talents Dr Fauziah hired to act as patients were doing poses for the photographer. When that was done, the photographer set up his gears at the treatment room to take pictures of dentists and each branch team. What an evening that was!

Our Clinic Manager Dhiya being cheeky during the photo shoot.
At the end of the session, we were given opportunities to express our feelings and I can say that the overall feeling was that we were thrilled and amazed with the experience. It has inspired the team to do better professionally for the best interest of our patients and the success of KPF itself.
KPF Publika smile team
Every one of us is excited for the launch of our new website. Dr Fauziah had definitely made a great effort to put this together. Kudos to her!

KPF Dentists

~Dr Yana
yana@drfauziah .com

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