Saved by The Dentist: Dr. ‘Atil Athirah

This is Qistina with her chipped tooth.

Qistina chipped one of her lower tooth when she was trying crack open a crab shell. She started panicking as her college classes were starting soon. She contacted us via our clinic phone number and after we gave her a brief consultation regarding treatment method and pricing, she decided to make an appointment with us to get her tooth fixed as soon as possible.

This is Qistina after her treatment

Qistina’s treatment was just a simple composite restoration at a reasonable price. She felt relieved that she did not have to go classes with her chipped tooth and thanked us for fixing her tooth look normal. In Qistina’s own words, “Now it looks natural again..”

If you have a similar case as Qistina’s, do email me for further inquiries at

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