Veneers vs. Braces: Dr. ‘Atil Athirah

This is Sarah before her treatment

Sarah is a 26 year old scientist who has just completed her Masters in Biomedical Science from Manchester, United Kingdom. She discovered that she has a retained canine ‘baby tooth’ which was mobile and the successor tooth was impacted on her palate. Due to this, she felt this made her smile unattractive.
Concerned with her condition, she went to see a few dentists to get alternative opinions on her case. Most of the dentists recommended her to remove or expose the tooth surgically, and followed by orthodontic treatment (braces). Sarah wasn’t too keen on these treatments as she has a fear of surgeries. She decided to get another opinion from our clinic when she learnt from our website that her smile could be corrected without surgery and orthodontic treatment.

Sarah made an appointment with us, and we explained that composite veneers are a possible treatment. However, we also explained that there were limitations to correct her smile as there will be a big gap upon removing her mobile canine baby tooth and one tooth would look slightly bigger in order to close the gap. She then agreed with this treatment, according to her; “ long as it doesn’t involve any surgeries..”.

It took us 2 hours to correct her smile as her case was quite a challenging one.

This is Sarah after her treatment

Sarah was glad that it could be done without going through much pain. Now, she no longer had an unattractive smile, thanks to KPF.

If you have a similar case as Sarah’s, do email me for further inquiries at

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miss lea
miss lea
7 years ago

may i know how much the cost for this?