Suria’s Journey To A Beutiful Smile : Dr Dini

Suria is a mother of two active boys. She first knew about our clinic when she brought his eldest son for a dental check up. Being a working mum, she always gave priority to her family first before herself (something I can relate to). During that visit, while waiting for their turn to be called, she browsed our makeover album and was impressed when she saw the Before and After pictures. She knew that she needed to improve her smile to boast her confidence level. She immediately made an appointment to see us for a consultation.

Before whitening
When she came to see me for the first time, she requested to do whitening. After the initial examination, I found that she needs to do few filling and extraction of her unsavable teeth. I also explained to her that prior to the whitening treatment, the oral cavity must be clean and if filling or extraction is needed, we need to attend that first…. Imagine, placing a bleach ( which is the whitening substance) on an exposed tooth… it could be potentially very painful and/ or damage the tooth even more. This is very very important first step. Suria understand this and she doesn’t mind that the whitening treatment to be postpone on a another day.

Beside wanting a whiter teeth, Suria also was very concern about her front crown. She asked me if something could be done to make it nicer.
“I’m glad you asked me Suria. I can’t wait to tell you that you need to change your crown after the whitening in order to get your dream smile.” I said to her.
I quickly took out our standard examination and diagnosis (E&D) sheet and wrote down the treatment plan for Suria. This E&D sheet is for patient to understand better about their treatment and also to know which treatment should be given the priority, that need to be carried out first.

Suria’s dental journey began with restoration on her carious teeth, scaling and polishing and extraction of retained roots ( partial root structure that remains in the mouth following the extraction or fracture of a natural tooth). Only on her third visit, her wished for a whiter teeth was fulfilled. She had undergone the Zoom! Whitening treatment followed with redoing her current crown. In the midst of doing the treatment, I realized Suria could get a perfect smile if she did veneer on her left central incisor.

After whitening

“Suria, I think you could get a more natural and beautiful smile if you add one veneer to the tooth next to the crown.” I told Suria frankly. Suria certainly didn’t hesitate and agreed. Yeay!!

The whole process took one and half month to complete. Starting from her first visit until she got herself the new crown. I was glad I didn’t hesitate to suggest about adding on the veneer and was very happy with the result too. Having patients who are open for suggestion really make a difference in the treatment plan and the result.

A complete makeover for Suria

Thank you Suria for trusting Klinik Pergigian Fauziah and for you out there, do contact us if you too would like to get dazzling smile you always dream about.

We are always here to assist you.

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