Shy No More: Dr. ‘Atil Athirah

Siti came to our clinic for her regular check up. Upon her visit, she did regular scaling and polishing. When she was about to leave, she glanced through the photos on my cosmetic board, which were “before and after” smile makeovers with composite veneers.

This is Siti before her treatment

Curious, she asked if I could correct her smile as she had one upper front tooth which was slightly rotated. “Yes, of course!!,” I immediately replied. Siti said she will call us back to set up an appointment. Within the same week, Siti called and requested me to “do some magic” to her tooth.

The result

Siti was very satisfied with her new smile, “I used to be so embarrassed to smile, now I can’t stop smiling! I am definitely going to show off my smile. Thanks a lot Doc!”

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