Correcting smile without braces: Dr Mawarni

Iman is a patient of mine. He came for treatment last year after googling for dentist in Kuala Lumpur. Unlike the majority of my patients who did smile makeovers, the management of his case was slightly different from them.

Iman was not happy with his two tucked back central incisors. Other than that, his teeth was perfectly aligned. The condition of his two central incisors is called crossbite.

Since his bite was quite deep, it was not possible for me to correct it with just composite veneers.

“I don’t want to wear braces if it’s possible Doctor,” he said.

The good news was, he did not need one. He just have to wear an upper removable appliance to bring the tucked back central incisors forward.

Iman agreed with the treatment plan. So, he patiently wore the removable appliance that was customly designed for his teeth. He was scheduled for review appointment once a month to monitor the progress of the teeth movement and the activation of the appliance.

It took only 4 months for the teeth to move at the ideal position. At his last visit, I did the final touch up of his smile makeovers using composite veneers to close small gaps and improving the teeth sizes and shapes.

Iman's front & side profile: Before & After Photos

One of the beauties of composite veneers is the minimum teeth preparation. Hence, the natural tooth structure is conserved.

Both of us were happy with the treatment outcome. I think he has a perfect smile now :-D. Don’t you think so too?

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