Fuad’s makeover: Dr Nik

Fuad was seen by another dentist for his dental check up when he requested for a smile makeover. Knowing that we do makeover daily, the dentist referred him to our clinic for a consultation.


On the day of his appointment, Fuad requested for the gaps on his upper front teeth to be closed and ask whether his teeth can look straighter. ” I’m a business man and I meet people on a daily basis. It would be great if I can have better and nicer smile that can boost my confidence when meeting people. All this while I’ve been consciously controlling my smile and hiding my teeth”


” Well, let me check and see what I can do to help you” I said as I started to check his teeth. Fuad’s case is a straight forward case and all he needs is just two veneers on his central upper front teeth and a filling on his upper right side tooth to close up the gap.

I discussed the possible treatment plan with Fuad and he instantly gave me green light to proceed with the treatment.

“Wow…this looks great, now I don’t have to control my smile and can smile widely” Fuad said when he first saw his new smile one hour later. “I hope you like your new smile Fuad…I think it does look better”

“I really like it doctor…now I don’t think I’ll be shy to smile..thank you doctor” Fuad said as he bid farewell.

Well another happy patient means another happy and successful day for me.

For inquiry, do email me at nik@story.drfauziah.com

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Nor Amiza Mohammad
Nor Amiza Mohammad
7 years ago

Assalamualaikum Dr.Fauziah..saya mempunyai gigu yang jarang..bolehkah saya buat rawatan ” Gaps closed ”
Terima kasih

Nur Ain
Nur Ain
8 years ago


Saya nak bertanya kalau saya nak cuci gigi dan closing the gap berapa ye?

Gap gigi saya sama macam gigi fuad ni.

Kalau saya nak buat?saya kena pergi Klinik Pergigian Dr.Fauziah

dekat mana ye?