Orthodontic with ClearPath for Allicia: Dr Nabilla

Front Smile

Eight months ago Allicia and her family came for a dental check-up. She was unhappy with the protruding two front teeth. It made her feel uncomfortable to talk to people. Most of the time veneers will get the job done beautifully. However in Allicia’s case, veneers will only make it worst. Because of the severe protrusion of her teeth, veneering will only make it look more protruding than ever. Hence, I suggested ClearPath. It is faster than conventional braces, more comfortable and most people don’t even notice you are undergoing orthodontic therapy!

She was excited and can’t wait a minute longer to start off her treatment. Therefore on the same day we collected all the data needed like x-rays, study models and some pictures. These data are then sent to the lab and the waiting game begins. It takes about six weeks for the lab to fabricate the aligners that are custom made for the patients.

Two months after the first visit, Allicia received her first batch of aligners. I showed her how to insert and remove the aligners. It is important that she master the insertions of the aligners and know that the aligners are fitting well as this will directly affects movement of teeth. Improper placement of the aligners will result in non-ideal movement of teeth which will delay treatment time. Allicia left the clinic that day with determination and hope.

One of Allicia's fun selfie to me.

Allicia 8 months into treatment with aligners on.

One of the great features about these aligners is that you don’t have to visit the dentist for a review as often as if you were wearing conventional braces. You will be able to change your aligners yourselves at home every two weeks. This will save up time to drive down to the dentist office for the monthly maintenance. This doesn’t mean that we care less. In fact Fauziah Dental Clinic has a procedure to ensure that you change your aligners accordingly via reminder sms and place little notes in your aligner bags of the date you need to change to the next aligners. For every two months that you are wearing the aligners, we will track your progress by asking you to send a few selfies of your smile.

A few weeks back Allicia came by the clinic to collect her last batch of aligners. Only eight months into treatment and no more protruding teeth. She was able to close her lips completely and I can barely see her wearing aligners on. Allicia’s parents were also very ecstatic of the improvements on her teeth. They noticed that as Allicia’s teeth improved, she was more confident and is living her life more fully than before.

I am grateful and thankful for the chances of experiencing this life changing moments together with my patients and their family.  A few more aligners to go and Allicia will achieve her dream smile.  I can’t wait !

Your dream smile might be a few aligners away too. Drop me an email at nabilla@story.drfauziah.com for a life changing smile =)

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