Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body: Dr Mawarni

Do you have either one or more of these symptoms?: Bleeding and swollen gums, bad breath and shaky teeth. If you have, chances are you are having gum disease. Gum disease is usually a simplified layman’s term. The correct terminology for this will be periodontal disease. A disease that affects the teeth supporting structure which includes the gum and jaw bone as well.

In my day to day practice, I face with this disease almost every day. I can roughly conclude that every 8 out of 10 of my patients has gum problem and sadly most of them don’t realize the cause and how to prevent it from happening.

I get complaints from many frustrated patients that said, “Doctor, I brush my teeth every day but why do I still face with these problems?”

Yes, in this 21st century, everyone brushes their teeth. However, why do many people still affected by this common disease? The answer is  because everybody eats and it is painless.

The root of the problem is plaque, the layer of food that attach to your teeth. If plaque is not being efficiently cleaned by proper brushing and flossing, you are feeding the the bacteria inside your mouth.

These bacteria will release all kinds of toxins that will exert immune respond. As a result of this continuous battle between the bacteria and our body, it will eventually lead to destruction to gum and jaw bone.

Most periodontal disease are chronic infection. In other words, it is painless. The initial symptom will only be gum bleeding. Therefore, most people do not find the urgency to seek treatment until it becomes moderate to advance stage.

Stages of periodontal diseases

Prevention is always better than cure for all diseases. As for periodontal disease, the measures to prevent it is very simple. Follow these 3 steps and you won’t go wrong: Brush, Floss and Visit your dentist every 6 months. It does sound simple right?

I found that people hardly floss daily. So, I always stress the importance of flossing to my patients.

Of course every case is different. Some people may have other underlying medical problem that makes them more prone to get oral infection. That’s why it is very important to get your mouth checked and get professional advise by your dentist.

I will usually restore one’s periodontal health to optimum level first before proceeding to a more bombastic treatments such as makeovers.

Can you imagine building a KLCC on a weak foundation? It will not last long right? Same goes to our teeth. Our gum and jaw bone are the foundation of our teeth. It keeps our teeth in place. Hence, taking care of them is very very important to prevent tooth loss.

Fortunately, if you are one of many who have this disease, it’s not the end of the world. There is still hope for you. Klinik Pergigian Fauziah has what it takes to help you fight the disease and arrest it from getting worse. The treatments range from simple scaling and oral hygiene instruction by your dentist, to a more cutting edge treatment which is Emundo photodynamic therapy with arc laser.

Mr Alfie's life changing smile after the treatment
Miss N: Before and After Emundo & composite veneers to close gaps

Attached here are photos of my patients who used to have advanced periodontal disease. They had undergone Emundo photodynamic therapy and makeovers.

With a proper assessment and planning, we can help restore your oral health, create beautiful smile and give back your confidence.

In conjunction with world oral health day on the 20th of March, I would like to wish everyone,

“Happy World Oral Health Day!”

The 2016 theme is “It all starts here. Healthy mouth. Healthy body.” 😀

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