“Gap Won’t Bother Me Anymore”: Dr. ‘Atil Athirah

21 year old Nurin came to our clinic yesterday morning at 10am as a walk-in patient. She inquired if I could close the gaps on her upper front teeth without using braces just like the ones she saw on our website.

I asked “Ohh you mean the composite veneers? You are interested to do?”

“Yes yes doctor! Please do it for me. I have been to a few dentists and most of them suggested braces. I’m not keen on braces at the moment as I cannot afford them yet and my problem is just the gaps. I just want the gaps closed.” she said.

Nurin’s upper and lower teeth were very aligned, her only discrepancy was the gap between her two upper central incisors and both her upper lateral incisors’ shape were not equal.

After discussing the pros and cons of composite veneers together with the cost, we came to closing a deal and Nurin had to come back at 3.30pm for her treatment as I had scheduled appointments that morning.

Have a look at Nurin’s before and after smile photos here.

Nurin was very contented and this is how she expressed her happiness.

For those of you out there having a similar condition, feel free to drop by our clinic for a consultation or just drop an email at atil@story.drfauziah.com for further inquiries.
Remember….The sexiest curve on your body is your smile 😉

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8 years ago

Thank you Dr. Atil