Bride to be : Dr Nik

Nana came to our clinic just few days before her wedding day. She had read the stories in our blog and had been wanting to have a makeover herself, but she kept on procrastinating it because of her fear to dentist. However, being a bride to be, she wants everything to be perfect and that includes to have nice teeth and to be able to smile widely for the photo session. Finally, she brace herself and were face to face with me, her dentist.

Nana told me the history of her chipped teeth. It happened many years ago when she’s in primary school. She fell down while playing with her friends and hit both her center upper front teeth. Both teeth were chipped and since then she had been living with these two chipped teeth since she was so scared to see a dentist.

“Let me have a look at your teeth and then we can discuss the treatment plan for you” I said as I started to check her teeth. Nana’s problem is not just the chipped upper teeth but the teeth also has gaps in between them.

Considering the time limit that we have, doing composite veneers are the best option for Nana’s teeth. Nana decided to do just 2 veneers and I started my work on her teeth.


It didn’t take me long to complete her makeover and when she first saw her teeth, she smile widely and kept gazing at her teeth.

“Are you happy with the result?” I asked. ” Yes I am…thank you doctor”

“Most welcome Nana…it’s a pleasure for me to be able to do that for you. I hope you will have a wonderful wedding ceremony and a wonderful married life”

Nana walked out from my clinic smiling and excitedly showing her brand new smile to her mother who was patiently waiting outside. Seeing both mother and daughter excitement with the result really made my day.

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6 years ago

Hi Dr,may i know range price for braces of both upper n below teeth? And how long for the treatment?

7 years ago

Hi doctor,
I have more or less similar problem like Nana but mine slightly worse as the gap quite hug.
if possible i would like to know the price range for this kind of treatment.