The WOW experience: Dr Mawarni

Publika branch celebrate their 2nd anniversary this month. April is also a month whereby we, Klinik Pergigian Fauziah as a team decided to give a WOW experience to our patients.

We have another surprise! Klinik Pergigian Fauziah also gives RM200 discount for teeth whitening treatment. It’s only happening in April people!!
What I really love about our theme for this month is because, it boils down to one thing which is making our patients happy and special! Isn’t that a noble thing to do? It is fun too 😀
So today, Sally came to our clinic for composite veneers treatment. Unlike most of our new patients, she seemed very familiar with the veneer terms.
Sally had actually went to other clinic for consultation. She finally decided to do the veneers with us after browsing through our website.
She was not happy with her slightly crowded upper front teeth due to her tucked back right lateral incisors and wanted to get it fixed immediately. Since her teeth shade (color) was quite dark, I suggested her to do whitening followed by the composite veneers. Otherwise, the composite veneers (which in her case, she wanted to do only 4 at the centre), will look obvious and awkward.
Sally agreed to the plan without hesitation. Everyone in the clinic was excited to see her final result. We did our very best to create the most pleasant environment for her from the moment she stepped into the clinic until she left.
The best part is, she did said “WOW” after seeing her new bright, beautiful smile. Whee!! I guess our mission was accomplished! 😉
So these are her ‘before’ and ‘after’ treatment photos.
Top: Before whitening , Bottom: After whitening
Top: (Sally before) Bottom: (Sally after)
If you are one of those who are still hesitate to see dentist, please drop by at our clinic. We’ll make your dental visit as pleasant as possible.
Fear of dentist is truly something in the past for our clients. Trust me, you won’t regret it. It’s a promise! 😉
~If you are interested to know more about this case or have any inquiry, do write to me at
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4 years ago

Im interested with ur service. And i do have problem with my teeth. Just realize it second ago.