Shidi’s Journey To A Brand New Smile : Dr. Dini

Many patients feel self conscious about their smile. They do not realize that in most cases something can be done. You can change your smile!

You can have a dental makeover and transform your teeth into your dream smile.

This is what Shidi did! He had been browsing our blog for quite sometime and finally called us for a consultation. This was seven month ago. We first met in October 2015. He wanted to fix his crowded upper teeth, without having to go through orthodontic (braces) treatment.

Shidi, when he first came in.

The first time, I had a look at his teeth, I knew that braces would be the best option. But since he was very reluctant about putting braces, I gave him few other treatment options. This was after I took his teeth impression as a study model and discussed it with Dr. Nik and Dr. Yana.

After much discussion with Dr. Nik and Dr. Yana, I presented the treatment options to Shidi on his second visit to the clinic.

First option was : to remove four teeth and do a six-unit bridge.

Second option was : to remove two teeth and do a six-unit veneers.

After much thought, Shidi chose the second option. I explained to Shidi that which ever treatment he chose, there will be extraction involved and he had to come few times for adjustment of the veneers. He understood this and asked me to proceed.

On the day he came for the makeover, I removed his two canines that was labially placed and immediately did the veneers. It took me nearly three hours to complete this first stage of Shidi’s makeover.

This is immediately after extraction.

Shidi had to come three more visits for the touch ups. Every time he came, he had a big smile as he entered the clinic. Clearly, he was satisfied with the result.

1 month after the first stage of makeover .

Finally, on the third visit, which was last month, six month from the time of his first appointment, the places where we took out his teeth were completely healed and the veneers look good.

Every dental makeover is unique.In Shidi’s case, this is just an example of what can be done. Our dentists can provide a thorough examination and evaluation. This will give you option on how to change your smile and complete your dental makeover. You can choose the option that suits you and your budget best. Affordable dentistry is an important part of being able to achieve your dream smile. You do not have to live with a smile you are not proud of.

Contact us or me  ( ) to get started on your own dental makeover.

Brand new smile for Shidi

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