Flight HK to KUL for A Smile Makeover: Dr `Atil Athirah

“Wow!! That sure was long but really worth it!! Thank you so much Dr `Atil”. Those were Mr Edie’s words when he left the clinic after completing his smile makeover.

Mr Edie is a Malaysian aeronautical engineer who works and lives with his family in Hong Kong . He had not seen a dentist for many years and planned to make a trip to a dentist when he was back in his hometown.

He was googling to seek for a good and suitable dental clinic to go to and found us through the web. He read all the good reviews and learned that our clinic specializes in smile makeovers. And so he called us in and made an appointment just for a check.

Mr. Edie before treatment

Upon meeting and examining  Mr Edie, I told him he very much needed a full mouth scaling. Nevertheless, I noted that he had an upper left tooth which was erupted palatally and his teeth looked yellow. Hence,  I shared with him our year-end promotion packages. The best package for him was the ongoing promotion, which was to do a in-house whitening treatment followed by 4 full composite veneers.

After much discussion about the cost advantages and disadvantages, he agreed to take up the Promotion offer.

Mr Edie After Whitening Treatment

Mr Edie is also an avid blogger. He shared his experience with us on his blog. Here is the link to his blog to read about his experience.

Do drop me an email at atil@dr.fauziah.com if you have a similar case as Mr Edie.

PS: The Promotion was 2015 Year-End Promotion.

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