Huda’s worthwhile journey: Dr Mawarni

Huda is a petite, bubbly young lady from Singapore. She had been browsing through our website and instagram page (ID: klinikpergigianfauziah) since December last year. She contacted me via email inquiring about her treatment options and cost.

She finally made her appointment recently with me. She had a lot of things planned out during her trip to KL. Some of them were to get her Hari Raya dress and to collect more stock for Neelofa’s fashion brand. She works for a shipping company and is a part time Neelofa’s stockist in Singapore.

This trendy mother of 3 is very easy going. Since we have a lot of things in common, we were like old good friends meeting up. I had fun chatting with her. Initially, I thought she and her daughter were sisters. That is the advantage of petite ladies. They look younger than their actual age!

Left: Huda before and after treatment photos. Right: A selfie with ecstatic patient and dentist
She went through basic treatments like scaling, fillings and veneers. I split her treatment into 2 days as to minimize the treatment duration. She agreed with the plan as she stayed in KL for a few days.

I completed her upper composite veneers on the first day and did some fillings. As she saw her new smile for the first time, she was so excited and jumped with joy.

“I feel like it’s my own teeth!!” She said.

The next day I did another 2 lower veneers and did the final touch up. I made sure that her biting was checked so that she could eat as normal.

“I can’t wait to flaunt my new smile to everyone. I will walk from here smiling all the way to the hotel. Now, I am ready for Raya!” She said with full of excitement.

Huda's testimonial on her personal instagram account

The next day, Huda shared her brand new smile photos and tagged Klinik Pergigian Fauziah in her personal Instagram account.

“Thank you Huda for the extra online marketing. I really appreciate it!” I texted her.

“I am really happy to share the good news Doctor. I hope there will be more inquiries coming in. My whats app has been beeping non stop asking about my new smile.” She replied.

I am so glad Huda finally gets her dream smile after so many months of planning. Her happy gestures just made my day.

I am so grateful that God had given me the opportunity to help fulfill her wish. I’m hoping to make more and more people happy by creating beautiful smiles everyday!

Do write to me at I look forward to hear from you!

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