The Beautiful Smile That Travel Around The World: Dr. Dini

A smile is the best make-up any girl can wear. A great smile also is always in fashion. What more, if you work as a frontliner, where your job requires you to smile a lot. Beside having a nice hair, best clothes and make-up, an attractive smile does play a huge role to attract your customer.

Mia, is a stunning young lady who works for Qatar Airways. She was on regular basis check-up back then but since she is based in Doha now, she was no longer able to do her regular check-up.

View from the right. The lateral incisor was bigger in size compare to the left side .

Mia had a missing upper right canine and she also still has a canine milk tooth on the left side. She did composite veneers in Bangkok when she was there few months back but was not happy with the result.

One month ago, she had a long day off and straight away came to redo her veneers at our clinic.

Notice the gap between her central and lateral incisor and also the patchy filling on the canine

Upon examination, I noticed that even though Mia’s teeth was well-aligned, but the size of her teeth were uneven. Her right lateral incisor was way bigger than the left side. She also had patchy filling on the left canine, and the right canine was smaller in size compared to the left.

I suggested porcelain bridge (as the porcelain bridge is stronger and as beautiful as natural teeth) on the right side to replace the missing canine and four unit  composite veneers on the left side. Since Mia had experienced on how composite veneers was done, her only question was about the bridge. I explained to her what a bridge is, the procedure and the cost. At the end of my explanation, she nodded and she gave me the green light to proceed.

Beautiful bridge on the right side.

Mia had to come three times to achieved her dream smile. On the first visit, I did the four unit composite veneers on the left side and prepared her teeth on the right for the porcelain bridge. While waiting for her actual bridge to be ready, I put Mia on temporary bridge which she will be using for two weeks until the permanent bridge is ready.

Beautiful veneers on the left side. No more gap and patchy filling

Two weeks after the first visit, Mia came for the fitting of the permanent bridge. Everything was okay except for the color. What a bummer!!! I found the shade was too white and did not look good on her. It didn’t matched her veneers as well. I was upset when this happened. But Mia was very calm throughout this situation. I apologized to her and made a new appointment. All she said was ,” It’s okay doctor. I can come in again during my off day in one week time.” I was relieved to hear that!

As promised Mia came in for the final fitting of her bridge. As I inserted the bridge, I couldn’t stop smiling to myself. This is because not just the color matched the shade of the veneers, but it also look like her own teeth.

Before I permanently cement the bridge to her teeth, I passed her a mirror for her to see the result. She too, was smiling when she saw her own reflection. What a beautiful smile she has.  It was worthwile to be back and forth between Doha and Kuala Lumpur this one month.

I explained to Mia on how to take care of her bridge and veneers and also emphasized the importance of regular dental check up. We bade good bye and she keep on thanking me for her beautiful smile. ” I am so happy doctor and I also suggested my friends to come and see you for their makeovers.” She said to me.

Hearing this from a patient just made my day . I’m glad that I made someone happy and achieved their dream smile.

Thank you for trusting me Mia and keep on smiling!

Before the makeover
The complete makeover.

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