New smile just in time for Raya: Dr Nik

Syawal is the islamic month that comes immediately after Ramadhan (the month when muslims perform their one month obligatory fast) . The first day of Syawal is called Eid al-fitr or Eid Mubarak. In Malaysia it is popularly  known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri and in Malaysia the celebration last for the whole month of Syawal. During this celebration period, families and friends will make time to see each other. During these gathering, everybody will do their best to look nice and what’s best than to wear a beautiful smile.

Nowadays, it’s not difficult to have beautiful and nice smile. Just spend over an hour of your time and you are set to flaunt your new smile. This is exactly what Liza did.

Before treatment

She knew our clinic from her younger sister who came and did her smile makeover with me 2 years ago. Liza gave us a call and set up an appointment a week before raya celebration. She needed a new smile for Hari Raya.

She told me that she had composite veneers done before on her upper front teeth. It’s been few years and  she wanted to make new ones. She wanted a nicer one like what her sister has.

I removed the four front old composite veneers and started to sculpt and shape new ones.

“Can I make your two central ones a bit longer or you want it all to be same length?”  I asked Liza. ” It will look more natural if the central ones are slightly longer”

After:new smile for raya!

” Yes doctor, just do what you think best”   It took me over an hour to complete her veneers and Alhamdulillah Liza loves her new composite veneers.

Hope that Liza had a good raya and enjoyed herself and most importantly smiled wide and beautifully for others and for photo session too. After all, smile is the door to the hearts and is a curve that sets everything straight.

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