My experience as a patient: Dr Mawarni

Hello readers! I hope it is not too late to wish all Muslims, ‘Selamat Hari raya Aidilfitri’.

My post this time is not the usual makeover cases. It is about my experience as a patient and how I can relate it in my day to day practice.

Life experience is the best teacher. Mistakes made you think, reflect and improve. In other words, mistakes are signals that God send to make you a better person, so it is good. We must always see everything in life as a glass with half full, not half empty.

I was a patient of the Malaysia’s renowned opthalmologist and celebrity, Dato’ Doctor Prof Muhaya for Lasik (eye surgery) treatment.

Why Lasik? The reason is because, my own patient encouraged me to do. He said it was painless and convenient.

I had been wearing glasses for 21 years. Both my eyes power increased every year. They were about 600 over. People could just rob me by throwing away my glasses and I would go partially blind.

Another reason was because I want to reward myself after years of working. I couldn’t even remember the last time I spend money for my own health. So, I told myself, “Just go for it!”.

After I ran a survey of a few eye clinics, I had decided to do the procedure with Prof Muhaya. This was due to her excellent reputation and affordable treatment.

The moment I stepped into her clinic, I was welcomed by her customer service’s staffs. They were all friendly and helpful. The environment of the clinic was also peaceful. I’ve had my eyes checked by the staffs and optometrist.

After the surgery. From left: Prof Muhaya, me and my husband.

After I was checked by Prof and was given consultation, I told Prof I need time to think of which option first and will call back for appointment. I went through the options, weighing the pros and cons for a few days. Finally, I chose to do the most advanced technology which was, Releks smile.

I wonder why it is named after ‘smile’ when it is about eyes not teeth. Releks Smile promotes the most conservative surgery and fastest recovery. As a dentist, I prefer the fastest recovery because I need to get back to work fast. I need to be there for patients as well! 😉

I was not anxious at all. Not until about half an hour before the procedure, when the staffs were preparing me for the surgery. I told myself “This is it.” I recited a few Zikir/ Surah from Quran to calm myself down. I realized at that moment, I need to practice what I preached to my patients when they were anxious and fearful.

The procedure took about 10 minutes, 5 minutes for each eye .It was painless, yes, no pain at all. Prof Muhaya had this calming effect on me. Before she started the procedure, she gave me positive words of advice. As she sat very close to me, I could hear she prayed for me.

The first eye went very well. As for the 2nd eye, I wasn’t alert and move my eye slightly. That’s when I did the mistake. However, it was still beyond repair. Prof said I should be thankful that everything went well despite that tiny mistake that I did. Phew! So I learnt how important it is to follow instructions and to stay alert during treatment especially when it involves eye!

I was given medical leave & medication, took photograph with my celebrity specialist and went off. She advised me to continue helping people. The rest was history. I started work as usual the next day.

I love the quotation that says, “You can never judge a person until you walk a mile inside his/her shoes”. Each and every step that I took as a patient taught me to understand my patients even more. To be more empathetic and always be there for them. I truly agree being a doctor is not just to treat their sickness physically but also mentally and spiritually.

I love the fact that I am glasses and contact lenses free now. I am still very amazed on how technology can improve our lives. I feel happier than before. Maybe, this is the same excitement that my patients felt too right after their makeover.

I look forward to help people by improving their smile and quality of life. Do email me for enquiry at Also, follow us at Instagram: Klinikpergigianfauziah and Facebook: Dentist Malaysia

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