A Diastema Is No Disaster : Dr. Dini

What do Anna Paquin, Madonna, Spongebob , among few celebrities have in common aside from being famous?

Gap in their teeth!!! and they display it with pride. These gaps are called diastema. I, personally and  believe most people from around the world consider teeth gap unsightly!


A diastema is a space between two teeth or more. It doesn’t have to be between the front teeth, it could be anywhere in the mouth , although it is most common to occur within the front teeth.

Diastema occurs when there is a mismatch between the size of the teeth and jawbone. Another reason is when a person has a missing or undersize tooth. Also, you can develop diastema due to childhood habit of thumb sucking.


Some people don’t mind that they have a space in their teeth, while others are bothered by it. Thankfully, it can easily be corrected with orthodontic treatment, veneers, crown or sometimes surgery.

Here, at Fauziah Dental Clinic, the most preferred common treatment for close gap is the composite veneers. The advantages are immediate results and also at an affordable price.


Here are some cases where I did composite veneers to close their gaps. So, if you think you have a diastema or you know anyone who has it,and would like to know more the treatment options available, schedule your appointment with us now!

Do contact me at dini@story.drfauziah.com for any inquiry.

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