Shalini’s Painless Voyage to A Lustrous Smile: Dr `Atil Athirah

Every young girl dreams for a beautiful and attractive smile. Especially if you are in your prime age. Well this is what my young lady patient Shalini feels. Shalini is from Rawang and used to work with UniAsia as an insurance agent until 2 months back she decided to resign.  She was going for a job interview with Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) for a post as an officer that she decided to do her makeover.

She was referred to our clinic by her aunts and cousin who are our regular customers. Her cousin whom is a regular customer of Dr Nik accompanied Shalini into the surgery and told me what Shalini wanted to do.

My first question to Shalini was “Yes Shalini, what about your teeth that you don’t like the most?”

She then pointed at the gaps which some were big and small in size.

Before Treatment

Shalini asked “Do I have to do braces Doctor if I want them close? Is there any other way to close them other than braces?”

In Shalini’s case, she wanted the outcome fast; possible to be seen in one visit and of course painless!! That was then a call for me to introduce to her composite veneers. But of course, I did lay other treatment options available for her which includes braces and porcelain veneers.

Composite veneers and fillings were the best option for Shalini as it suited her financially and it was not time-consuming. As Shalini agreed, I took her to embark experiencing the painless journey into getting her dream smile.

Hence readers, scroll down to find out how Shalini looked before and afterenhancing her smile.

After Treatment

Do drop an email at if you too would like us to take you on the painless and worthwhile journey like Shalini did!!

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