Educating our patients: Dr Nik

Hi. If you read through all the previous blog posts, I’m sure you realize that most of the cosmetic patients or makeover patients were those who knew us from our blog. Most were inspired by the stories and were moved to read how the makeovers had changed their look and their life. This is one of the indirect ways we educate people out there on the options that modern dentistry has to offer.

What readers don’t know is, we too spend time to educate our patients directly in the clinic. This is what we call as examination and diagnosis. We not only listen to your complaint and need and plan out the treatment options for you according to your need, but we also educate and inform our patients on what we can offer to enhance their dental health and dental appearance. We take time to elaborate on each of the options that they have and will let patient choose the best option that fit them best.

We always believe in farming than hunting and we believe that well informed patients will come back for the treatment sooner or later. I have patients that came back after a year with a copy of their treatment plan (we normally give our patient a copy to keep) and request me to do treatment/treatments discussed earlier.

Recently, I had one patient that came back for whitening and composite veneers….and I first talked to her about the treatments 3 years ago! She came back for the treatment 4 days before her wedding. I did her whitening and two composite veneers on her upper central teeth and she had a brand new beautiful smile for her big day.

If I didn’t spend time educating her 3 years ago, she might not know what modern dentistry has in store for her. So, do come in for your check up and get educated on what is available to enhance your dental health and appearance.

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