Managing Cleft lip and Cleft palate: Dr Mawarni

Maria had a veneer done with me. One day, Maria texted me and asked whether I have the specialty to treat cleft patients. I told her, I never treated one. However, I can have a look at the case and refer to a specialist if needed.

It happened to be that the cleft patient she was referring to is Ninie, her own sister. Ninie lives with her parents in Johor Bahru. She is working in Singapore and have limited time to come to Kuala Lumpur. She came anyway despite her busy schedule as she trusted her sister’s recommendation. 🙂

Ninie's cleft palate is still visible here

Cleft lip and palate are the result of tissues of the face not joining properly during development. As such, they are a type of birth defect. The cause is unknown in most cases.

Risk factors include smoking during pregnancy, diabetes, obesity, an older mother, and certain medications (such as some used to treat seizures). Cleft lip and cleft palate can often be diagnosed during pregnancy with an ultrasound exam.

At her first visit, I did a thorough check up for Ninie and managed to scan through her 3D radiograph. I took her upper and lower teeth impression for study purpose. These valuable information act as guidance for me to discuss her treatment plan with my KPF colleagues.

Ninie cleft lip was treated surgically when she was a baby. As for the cleft palate, it was not completely treated/ fused. As a result, it had somehow altered her speech.

Ninie's front teeth before treatment
She had no complain during eating or other function. Her main concern was to improve her appearance as she is getting married soon.

She had several missing teeth. As a result of her defective upper jaw (maxilla), the growth is not proportionate with the lower jaw. Hence, the front teeth is not biting together.

After discussing with other dentists in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, I came out with a treatment plan for her. I explained that this plan will be a temporary measure for her as she is getting married soon.

Ninie's smile after the treatment

The main objective of my treatment proposal was mainly to create beautiful smile and enhance her confidence. I suggested her to seek treatment at the government hospital nearby her house as she needs multidisciplinary approach and a more complex treatment.

In other words, for total rehabilitation of her oral health, she needs help from different kinds of specialties like plastic surgeon, oral maxillofacial surgeon, prosthodontist and ENT specialist. She understood my explanation and agreed to my plan immediately.

So, I did a few composite veneers for her and replace the missing teeth with a denture. She was very happy with the result. She thanked me a few times and said she loves her new smile now.

It’s my pleasure to help you Ninie. Don’t forget to flaunt your beautiful smile. May you have a smooth sailing wedding and do share your wedding photos with us!

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4 years ago

Salam sejahtera. Hai, saya atikah dari Melaka. 1st tahu klinik ni melalui instagram, so I tengok2 then terjumpa post mengenai gigi bagi mereka yg mempunyai masalah sumbing. Saya pun berkeadaan sumbing bibir, dan keadaan gigi saya pun sama dengan patient ninie. Jadi, saya baca kisah ninie yg buat rawtan di klinik ni, so mcm berminat pula untuk saya mendapatkan rawatan di klinik ini. but before that, I just nak tahu, berapa anggaran kos untuk buat seperti ninie? sbb saya nie tak ada la berkemampuan sangat, takut2 lari dr bajet. Tujuan saya pon sama mcm ninie, saya akan melangsungkan perkahwinan pada… Read more »