LOVE Is All You Need… And A Good Dentist: Dr. Mawarni

How did I end up becoming a dentist? It all started many years ago when I was 17 years old. I was having a chat with my friend’s mother. She is a dentist and still practicing.

“Look Nanie (my nick name), you need to ask yourself. Are you the kind of person who loves to work in the office or you prefer meeting people?” She asked me.

My answer was obviously the latter. Those were the days when I had no idea who I want to become. So, I sought for ideas and opinions from people whom I defined ‘successful’ at that moment.

I am grateful for choosing the path that I love. For me, being a dentist is not just about fixing peoples’ teeth. It is about knowing people and building good relationship with them.

From my years of working, I can conclude that our society is thirsty for love and compassion. The tender, loving and care from the one whom they called dentist or doctor.

People usually associate dentist with fear, anxiety and pain. I want to be part of the change. I want to alleviate that negativity and turned them into a pleasant experience and a journey that they will cherish for life.

Creating a beautiful smile is one of them. Being a good listener and trying my very best to give painless treatment are another two important tips to make them love dentistry.

It is my job to make them realize the importance of caring for their oral health and boost their confidence by creating that life changing smile.

These are the photos of me with some of my patients. They came from different backgrounds and cultures. My rule in treating patients is to treat them like my own family.

                                                                                                               Selfie with lovely patients

Our role as professionals is to educate, get you make informed, powerful decisions. Yes, it is about YOU not us. As a result, we will find the contentment and satisfaction.

To those who never experience this beautiful journey with us, give it a try. Rest assured that you will receive abundance amount of love and care. It’s a promise!

With loads of LOVE,
Dr Mawarni

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