Viral your smile: Dr Mawarni

Melur went to see us a few months ago for a smile makeover. Like most of our unique patients, she also found us online.

She had been wearing a removable partial denture for a few years to replace her missing front teeth.

Recently, she got transferred to another department that requires her to talk in public more often. That was the main reason that drove her to improve her smile and to gain more confidence.

               Melur’s smile: Before treatment

I have consulted her to do dental bridge to replace her existing denture about a year from the day she came for the actual treatment. I am glad she did consider about the option and made that smart move.

I did the procedure as usual. Dental bridge treatment requires at least 2 visits. On the first visit, dentist will prepare the adjacent teeth that will hold the bridge in place. Also, your dental impression and bite record will be taken.

Temporary bridge will be cemented before you go back. This will allow patients to adapt using the permanent bridge later and protect the trimmed teeth.

After about one week, the temporary bridge will be removed and replaced with the permanent bridge.

On the day of issuing the permanent bridge, I was quite confident that Melur will be happy with her new smile. However, I was wrong. As I showed her the metal ceramic bridge, she was not happy as her smile was too straight. She wanted a more natural, less straight smile.

Majority of patients want a straight, white teeth. Melur’s definition of beauty is having slight irregularities in order to get that natural smile.

Patient’s satisfaction is our top priority. I adjusted her temporary bridge following her wishes until she was satisfied. Then I took photo and impression of her ‘temporary smile’ as a guide for technician to do the amendments on her case.

A week later, Melur finally gets her dream and life changing smile.. I cemented her permanent bridge after she agreed.

               Melur’s smile: After treatment

She had taught me a life lesson. In treating an individual, it is not about what I think is right, it is about what she/he wants. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder indeed! It is about effective communication to achieve patient’s final goal- that dream smile.

The cheapest yet valuable thing that you can give to others is your smile. It is related to positive vibes. That is why a smile is considered a charity. To Melur, thank you for the opportunity to create a beautiful smile for you.. Do Viral that new smile to others!! 😀

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