How to straighten teeth without braces : Dr Nik

Being blessed with naturally straight teeth is something that not all people can boast about. More often than not, people have teeth that’s a little crooked or perhaps misaligned….and when you seek help to get it straightened, most of the time braces is the option given.

However there are other ways than wearing braces to straighten your teeth.

You can opt for aligners, an almost invisible removable appliance that you wear to correct your teeth or if cost and time is a hindrance you can opt for veneers.

A veneer is a layer of material placed over the surface of a tooth to not only improve the aesthetics of a tooth but at the same time can make the teeth look straighter. There are two types of veneers, porcelain veneer and composite veneer. They serve the same purpose , but porcelain veneer is superior than composite aesthetically. And superiority means it will cost more.

Crooked teeth

In our clinic, we do veneers almost everyday especially composite veneers and I think it is because the public are becoming more aware of this possible treatment to treat crooked and misaligned teeth.

Recently, I  did few upper composite veneers to a very beautiful young lady. Her husband who had worn braces before, wants her to put on braces to correct her teeth but she refused to wear braces as she wants fast result. After a long discussion, her husband finally gave in to her  decision. Her teeth were slightly crooked and rotated and it took me 1.5 hours to complete her treatment.

Straighter teeth!

She was very happy with the result and so was her husband. He was amazed that her teeth actually look better with just veneers and the treatment didn’t take that long.

I, myself was pretty glad too that I was able to deliver result that make both of them happy.

If you are thinking of getting your teeth and smile some makeover, do call us for an appointment or you can email me at

Hope to hear from you soon!

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