Jay’s journey to a beautiful smile: Dr Mawarni

Jay emailed me for enquiry recently after she stumbled upon good reviews about me in Instagram.

She had a minor fall about 13 years ago in her hometown. As a result of the impact, two of her front teeth chipped off.

She went to the nearby clinic with her parents and get the problem solved immediately.

Jay’s smile before treatment. Note the darkened dead upper tooth & the outstanding color of her old crown at the lower tooth.

So, she got a metal ceramic crown to fix the chipped tooth on the lower and a simple composite filling on the upper.

Recently, she had her teeth checked during some kind of dental ‘roadshow’. I am not sure what she meant by that. Maybe there was a dentistry booth that provided free dental check up for public.

The dentist advised her to get a veneer done to replace the old upper composite filling and a new lower crown.

Jay was not happy with her smile as the lower crown’s colour did not match with the rest of the teeth. Also, the upper central incisor changed color and became darker. She never smiled with her teeth visible ever since.

After I quoted her with the possible treatment options and the total cost, she made an appointment. She took leave on that day and plan to do whitening and the rest of the treatment on the same day. So, I reserved that special day mainly to treat her.

I created a new treatment plan for her after a thorough check up. The darkened central incisor was due to breakdown of red blood cells of the tooth. Basically, after an impact of trauma like fall or accident, the tooth had cracked.

Bacteria could seeps through the crack lines, reach the pulp and eventually lead to the death of the tooth. The pulp (nerve and blood vessels) inside the tooth could also die because of the great impact.

As I formulated the treatment plan for her, I could not help telling myself that this case is a challenging one. I will do whatever I can with all the knowledge that I had gained from aesthetic courses that I recently went.

From the knowledge that I gained from dental school, a root treated tooth should end up with crown. However, with the current improvement in technology and techniques, that fact was history now. I learnt that a non-vital (dead) tooth should be treated the same way as the vital tooth.

She needed a new lower crown and root canal treatment followed by internal whitening and a composite (tooth-colored) filling on the upper central incisor tooth.

Why is this option better than a crown? It is because mainly the natural tooth structure is conserved as much as possible. As for the patient, it is more economical compared to the crown option. It also poses greater challenge and artistic skills from the dentist.

Jay preferred the most conservative options for her. I managed to complete teeth whitening treatment, root canal treatment followed by internal bleaching of the dead tooth on that day.

Then it took us another 2 more appointments to complete the final filling of the upper and the lower full ceramic crown.

Jay’s smile after treatment: A brighter and natural smile

“Thank you so much Doctor! You have bring back my smile. I can’t stop smiling with my teeth now,” Jay said.

It brings me such a great joy and self-satisfaction after receiving such remark! Mission accomplished!

Behind every beautiful smile that we created, there were a lot of hard work and a careful planning that took place.

I am also glad that our path crossed. Jay is such a beautiful person inside and out. One of the reasons I love being a dentist is I get to make friends with my patients along the way. 😀

Feel free to write to me at mawarni@story.drfauziah.com for more enquiry. 🙂

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