Killing Two Birds With One Stone : Dr. Sheril Aida

Before Makeover

Coming for a business trip doesn’t stop anyone from getting a dental treatment as well. A man which is known as Mr. X found our clinic through the website. As many of my previous patients, Mr. X also went through our interesting blogs on makeover and that enlightens him to make a visit with me at the clinic. As he is from Kelantan the distance doesn’t permit him to come by anytime he wishes. Thus, he made plans to come for a business trip and at the same time to have a chance to have makeover done.


Before Makeover

When I first saw him, Mr. X seems to be a shy person and he was accompanied by his friend. After having a full examination and consultation, I laid out a few treatment options for him. As he was having this condition ever since he was a child, he could not wait any longer. He wants to obtain treatment and results on the same day. Therefore, he opted for composite veneer. This might not be the best treatment for him looking at his dental condition. Any dentist that would have seen him would not classify this as a straightforward case as it involves his skeletal profile. I would say an ideal treatment for this patient would most probably involve a surgery.


After Makeover

Thorough explanation had been given to him. Knowing and aware of all the pros and cons set before him, he decided to accept the limitation with the composite veneer. Mr. X sat patiently for one and a half hour, to let me work on his case. Knowing that Mr. X would be travelling back to his hometown in Kelantan the next morning, I knew that I had to do my best. The end-result was shocking to him and his friend. Mr. X did not expect that his teeth would look so much better and it gave him more self-esteem. As we say goodbye, Mr. X thank me for doing such a great job and he did mention that he can’t wait to go home to see his wife’s reaction on his new look.


For those who think that nothing can be done for them to achieve a great smile, do come for a consultation and let’s just see what we can offer you. That was what Mr. X did and this is the least I could do to change his life. So enjoy your new smile Mr. X. Cheers!!!

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