Here at Klinik Pergigian Fauziah, we always get queries regarding our smile makeover treatment. More often than not, our patients come from the young professionals age group. Not only are they very self conscious of their looks, they link how they present themselves as a vital component to their career progression.

Well, that’s the norm. This one patient of mine is definitely not. He is not your typical young professional. He is Mr. Ahmad, 54 years old (age is not a typo!). Never had I thought someone at that age would be very particular with his looks, let alone the appearance of his teeth! And this is a MALE that we’re talking about! Haha..

It’s safe to say that Mr. Ahmad changed this perception of mine.

Mr. Ahmad came across a blogpost written by one of my previous patient, Mr. Edie. (You can read up my post on Mr. Edie here). Mr. Ahmad was impressed by how much Mr. Edie’s smile changed simply by having a smile makeover, with simple composite veneers. This led to him googling info on our clinic, and subsequently made an appointment with us for the smile transformation he wants.

Upon consultation, he expressed that he was not pleased with the fillings on his upper front teeth, which has pretty much discoloured, hence making the colour/border transient/gradient more prominent. He enquired if I could make his teeth look whiter without the whitening process.

Looking at his teeth, I knew I could make his teeth look younger and more presentable with just the right treatment option….Composite Veneers.

Scroll down to witness the complete change in Mr. Ahmad’s smile…









I used a whiter shade of composite material he requested to make the teeth look whiter.

When I handed him the mirror after the treatment, he was blown away and beyond pleased with his new look. There is no doubt; Mr. Ahmad looks years YOUNGER AND DEFINITELY MORE HANDSOME.

Mr. Ahmad returned a week later to change his amalgam fittings with tooth coloured restoration, and said he will definitely come back for his lower teeth treatment as well.

He left happy, returned happy, and will be happy to come back. That’s what I do best, make my patients happy…Till then..

Love, Dr. ‘Atil

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