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Hello readers! Do you have a chipped tooth/ cracked tooth/ fractured tooth/ broken tooth?. Or do you know anyone who has these appearance?

Accidents happen and when these accidents involve your mouth, they can sometimes lead to cracked front teeth. Taking a big bite of frozen food, getting bumped by an elbow during a basketball game or tripping on an uneven sidewalk can naturally put your front teeth at risk.

There must be a lot of questions when this occurs. among few common questions that we often hear or asked are:

  1. Can I get my tooth fixed on the same day?What kind of treatments can be done to fix a broken teeth? Minor fracture that involve only the enamel (hard outer covering of a tooth) can be fixed on the same day by bonding the existing fragments or by doing composite restoration. For a larger fracture, involving enamel and dentin, they can be fix the same day as enamel fracture but crowns are sometime required as definitive restoration.
  2. How long does a treatment take? If only a small piece of enamel broke off, the repair can usually be done in simply one visit. Composite fillings are generally done in one session. Crowns will take two visits to the dental clinic.
  3. Is the procedure painful? Will I require anesthesia? Composite restoration are simple procedure that typically does not require numbing the tooth. However if the treatment plan involves cutting the tooth, the procedure will be perform under local anesthesia. We will make sure the treatments are pain free.
  4. Are these permanent solution? Although the composite are permanent restorative materials, it may discolored over time. Fret not!!! You can always come to see us every six month for your routine dental check up and we will polish the restoration.

Here are some cases, where I did a simple composite restoration and veneers to fix their broken front tooth.







So… do contact us if you know anyone who would like to improve their smile! Email me at and I will gladly help you.

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5 years ago

May I know how much it will cost to restore a chipped tooh?