Fast and Fixed!! by Dr `Atil Athirah

Have you ever experienced losing your loose front tooth when you can’t afford to? Like having a very important meeting on the very same day you lose your tooth? Or you just simply had to look good for that day, lo and behold, an unfortunate incident happens to your mouth. Or you fell down, causing you to lose your front tooth?

We do know many of you try to avoid wearing dentures.  Worry no more as we have the fastest treatment option available at our clinic for you. Yes I mean fast, as in it’s going to be done in just 1 visit!! And the best part is…it is fixed!! (Meaning you do not have to remove it like a denture)

The latest technology I present to you is the Fibre Reinforced  Resin Bonded Bridge. The advantages of this method is that  it buys you time until you can afford both cost and time wise for an Implant. Comparing it to a bridge, the preparation of the 2 teeth next to the space in which initially had the tooth that you lost is very minimal. Elsewhere…in a bridge the preparation is such that you lose a lot of healthy tooth structure.

Those suitable to have this treatment done are as follows:

  • When you want to preserve healthy tooth tissue;
  • In cases requiring immediate bridges after extractions;
  • When treating trauma cases;
  • Before or during implant treatment;
  • When replacing congenitally missing teeth for young patients;
  • When there is a need for provisional bridges;
  • When the patient wants an economical solution; and
  • When the patient wants an aesthetic solution .

Mr Amar was an example of a patient who had this treatment done and in just 1 visit, I helped him regain his aesthetic value, function and confidence.

Mr Amar is a very anxious patient and is very afraid of dentist. He was persuaded by his friend to get treatment for his very decayed front tooth. After numerous persuasions, Mr Amar relent and came to see me for a check-up. His front tooth was very decayed to the extend that there was no way of saving and retaining it. So extraction it is!! The site of extraction was left to heal for 1 month.

Mr Amar revisited us to get a replacement for the lost tooth. Having an implant done was beyond his means. Thus, a Fibre Reinforced Resin Bonded Bridge was an option to maintain the space till better treatment option was possible. The photos below were photos of Mr Amar’s before, during and after treatment.

Space seen after extraction
Noted the fibre placed palatally. The Fibres are translucent in colour.
An index was placed to recreate the shape of the lost tooth
Final product!







Fibre Reinforced Resin Bonded Bridge is a very convenient treatment as it can be done in a single visit. Cost wise is also favorable as it is not too pricey compared to a bridge. However it is merely not a permanent treatment but it keeps other treatment options achievable as it does not involve destruction of the adjacent teeth.

Drop me a line at if you have a family member or friend or probably your own self is interested to get this done!!

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