Annie’s mother’s day gift: Dr Mawarni

Annie came to our clinic with her daughter last school holiday for check up.

Her daughter is a regular patient of ours. Annie works as a school van driver. So, she is only free during school holidays or weekends.

Annie was not happy with her front teeth decay. She had been postponing her dental treatment due to her tight schedule.

After a thorough check up, I explained to her each and every option and treatment needs.

Without hesitation, she quickly set appointment to fix her front teeth first.

“Don’t worry dear, the procedure is going to be painless and I’m going to make sure you will be more than happy with the results,” I reassured her 😉

Annie underwent root canal treatment on upper right central incisors as the decayed tooth had progressed to root infection. The rest of front teeth were just normal composite (tooth-coloured) fillings.

As I finished her front teeth treatment, we watched her new smile through the big mirror together.

Left: Before treatment Right: After treatment

She grinned ear to ear. Her sister who accompanied her also request for check up after amazed with her sister’s brand new smile.

A month later she came for treatment of the other teeth. She came with her other 2 sisters who were also eager to improve their smiles.

“So, did anyone notice your new, beautiful smile?” I asked.

“Of course, Doctor. My close friends and family noticed it. They are also interested to do with you,” she said.

Her treatment was pretty simple to do. It may means small to me as a dentist because I do it everyday.

However, it may means the world to her. I could see she smiled and laughed more confident compared to before the treatment was done.

I couldn’t wait to do my ‘magic’ for her other 2 sisters.

In conjunction with Mother’s Day celebration, I would like to wish my mother and all mothers out there, “Happy Mother’s Day!!”.

I consider the treatment as a small mother’s day gift for Annie.

Happy mothers will lead to happy nation :-). I am proud for the opportunity to make many mothers happier by improving their smile and confidence!

Feel free to email me at if you are interested to know more about this case.

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