A bridge for Mrs Chan : Dr `Atil Athirah

Being old does not mean you cannot be beautiful. Mrs Chan lost her front tooth due to caries and had to have it removed.

She has a daughter who works in Singapore. One day when her daughter came back to Malaysia, she was surprised to discover that her mom had lost her front tooth. She persuaded Mrs Chan to do something to fill up the gap because she wanted to see her mom look beautiful again. Her daughter even insisted that she would bare the expenses.
Mrs Chan was brought to our clinic after learning from her Taici classmate that our clinic provided excellent services. Mrs Chan explained to me that she wanted a replacement that was fixed, something that she did not have to remove every now and then. I then showed her an example of a “bridge” on a model. And without any hesitance, she agreed to have the treatment done. She also requested if I could have the bridge ready by the time her daughter came back as she was eager to show her daughter the results.
Prior to treatment, I explained to Mrs Chan that I will have to trim the 2 healthy teeth next to the space in order to place the bridge. She understood and allowed me to proceed. A bridge treatment is usually a 2-visit appointment. During the first visit, preparation is done on the 2 teeth next to the space and patient is sent home with a temporary bridge while awaiting for the actual bridge to be ready from the lab. The second visit comprises of fitting in the actual bridge into the teeth that were prepared previously.
Throughout the whole treatment process, Mrs Chan is always accompanied by her loving husband Mr Chan. He is always seen waiting patiently outside the treatment room while his wife undergoes her long treatment.

When I showed them the end results, they were both very satisfied and were eager to show their daughter.

Drop me a line at atil@story.drfauziah.com to find out more.

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