Ramadhan smile : Dr. Dini

“What don’t you like about your teeth?” “How I can I help you?” These are few questions I often asked my new patients when they came in for cosmetic consultation. Usually, they will tell me me what they want me to do, but there are also cases, where the patients were too shy to speak up and they only opened their mouth and point to the problematic teeth. When this happened, I usually smiled at them and did a little bit more of chit-chatting to ease their nervousness.


It is the same with Ju. Ju knew about our clinic from Instagram. She has been following us for quite sometime. She wanted to close the gaps that she had on the lower teeth. Ju wanted to have a perfect smile and confidence when meeting people.. She is a businesswoman and meet a lot of people. Her job requires her to smile a lot! She loves to smile too!

Upon examination, I noticed the gaps that she had on her lower teeth. Gaps or diastema occurs when there is a mismatch between the size of the teeth and jawbone. Another reason is when a person has a missing or undersize tooth.   In Ju’s case there’s two options or ways to close up the gaps. We can either do fillings to close up the gaps or do dental veneers. Since Ju’s teeth alignment is good, I opted to do cosmetic fillings to close up the gaps instead of veneers. This is so that I can preserve good enamel structure.I explained this to Ju and she agreed with my treatment plan.

Ju- after closing the gaps and with her old denture.

It was an easy peasy work . It took me less than 2 hours to complete the treatment and Ju was happy and pleased with what she saw at the end of the treatment. She no longer see the gaps that bothered her so much before. Before she left, she asked how can she improve her smile more. I told her that, she might want to change her upper denture. I can fabricate a new one with a longer front teeth to enhance her smile. She nodded excitedly and I took her impression for a new set of denture.

It took Ju another two more visits for her to achieve her dream smile. Last Friday, was her final visit to the clinic. I issued her new upper denture and delivered her dream smile.

The new Ju!

“Wow…this looks great, now I don’t have to control my smile and can smile widely” Ju said when she first saw her new smile. “I hope you like your new smile Ju…I think it does look better”

“I really like it doctor…now I don’t think I’ll be shy to smile..thank you doctor” Ju said as she bid farewell.

Well, another happy patient means another happy and successful day for me. Alhamdulillah. Salam Ramadhan to all our Muslim patients out there.


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6 years ago

Assalamualaikum doctor.
Masalah saya dan Ju tu hampir sama..
Cuma rahang atas saya lebih ke depan berbanding rahang bawah..
Jadi saya selalu tergigit daging pipi dan akan jadi ulcer.
Saya pernah tanya dentist lain.. biasanya mereka tak advice untuk pakai braces sbb gigi saya tersusun..
geraham bongsu atas kedua2 nya telah dicabut.
Gerahan bongsu bawah cuma tumbuh sebelah kiri.
Sebelah kanan belum tumbuh.. maybe tiada space utk tumbuh.
Mohon pandangan doctor.
Dan sekiranya ada rawatan yg sesuai, berapakah anggaran kos yg diperlukan?
Terima kasih doctor.
Salam ramadhan.