New Raya smile for Yati: Dr Mawarni

Yati came with her other 2 sisters recently. She was keen to do denture to replace her one missing front tooth.
After a thorough check up, we sat down to discuss about the findings together.
I told her, denture is not the only way to replace the missing tooth. There are other better ways to replace them such as bridge and implant.
The thought of placing an implant on that space was terrifying for her. So, bridge is the better and acceptable option for her than a denture.
“I would go for fibre-reinforced composite bridge if I am you. You know why? It is the affordable option compared to conventional bridge. Other plus point are,
It conserves the tooth structure, can be done in a single seating,
Very easy to repair if chipped off and
More comfortable than the removable denture.
I can also remove the bridge for you and do the conventional fixed-fixed bridge if you want later. Meaning, the treatment is reversible,” I said.
“Is it gonna be painful?” she asked.
“No I promise you it will be a pain free procedure,” I said.
I also gave her the You Tube video link of the procedure so she will get a better idea about fiber-reinforced composite bridge. She requested to think first at the waiting area and decide right after I finish treating her other 2 sisters.
Yati finally chose to do the fiber-reinforced composite bridge and made appointment the following week.
On the appointment day, she was quite anxious. I took her ‘before’ photograph of her smile.
About 90 mins later, Yati got her brand new tooth.

Left: Yati before treatment . Right: Yati after treatment

As she watched her new smile, “Nice… I am satisfied Doctor. Thank you so much,” she said.
“You are welcome. Please don’t be shy to flaunt your smile from today onwards okay,” I replied.
“I won’t Doctor. This has given me the reason to smile with my teeth seen now,” she said.
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It’s never too late to have your dream smile! =)

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