Teeth Cleaning (Scaling & Polishing) Vs Teeth Whitening : Dr Sheril Aida

Teeth cleaning and teeth whitening appear to be the same thing with the same objectives. Although, apparently any bleaching treatment may sound like the same as that of a cleaning solution, in reality, they are miles apart.

To understand the differences, one would have to look into the procedures and the objectives of teeth cleaning and teeth whitening.


Before Scaling : Note present of tartar/calculus

The primary focus of any teeth cleaning is to better your dental health. It involves treating any germs that may be present in your teeth and mouth by means of scaling and polishing. Scaling and polishing cleans your teeth, preventing and controlling the severity of gum diseases.

So what is scaling and polishing? Scaling gently remove plaque and calculus/tartar deposits using a specialized instrument called ultrasonic scaler without harming your teeth. The ultrasonic scaler uses vibrations to loosen hardened tartar that sticks to the teeth.



After Scaling & Polishing :Teeth is clean from harmful calculus.


Polishing removes stains and remaining plaque which makes your teeth smooth and shiny, so that dental plaque cannot attach easily to teeth surfaces. Also it leaves your teeth feeling lovely, smooth and clean.

After scaling & polishing, teeth can appear lighter if there are many stains on the outer surface of the teeth. If the intrinsic colour of teeth is very yellow, there will be no changes after teeth cleaning as the yellow colour comes from inside the tooth.




On the other hand, teeth whitening is a treatment that is aimed at regaining the lustrous white color of your teeth. Most people in the world are born with amazing white set of teeth. Teeth can become more yellow with age and with continuous consumption of dark staining foods like curry, coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco.

Over the years, our teeth could lose their natural color. Bleachers are used to remove the stains, tartars and any pigmentation that may have been embedded in the minutest pores of your teeth. As a result, you can get white, shiny looking teeth after the treatment.

To summarize it, Scaling and Polishing is a procedure that removes dental plaque, tartar and extrinsic stains that are present on the outer surface of the teeth. Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that lightens pigmentation within the teeth.


Hence, with this being said, either teeth cleaning or teeth whitening, Klinik Pergigian Fauziah is currently having a wonderful Ramadan promotion. The first is the Senyuman Lebaran @ RM 98 and the second is the Beaming White promo @ only RM 1298.












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5 years ago

Teeth whitening is so expensive even after the promo. Simply hike up the before promo price and claim give almost 600myr worth of promo. BIG JOKE. LOL.