Jeston’s New Smile : Dr. Dini

“Doctor, I need you to fill up my front tooth” Jeston said pointing to  his upper left front tooth. This is what Jeston said to me right after he was sat on the dental chair. I looked at him and began asking how did he find out  about our clinic. He said,” I knew your clinic from a friend of mine. You helped him fixed his front teeth as well.”

Most of our patients knew us either from social media or from their friends or family members  who had visited us before. “Okay Jeston, let’s see what I can do for you” I said and I started off by doing full mouth check up and while doing so, I noticed something else as well. Jeston didn’t realized that what he needed the most was actually a scaling and polishing (cleaning up the teeth). His gums was not in good and healthy condition and to think that if it was not because of the front tooth, I don’t think he would have come to visit me. I discussed the treatment needed and stressed the importance of doing the scaling.

Jeston- Before

I showed him the treatment plan that I created for him. All our treatment plan is written down in our examination and diagnosis  sheet. Any questions the patient ask will be scribble down on it, sothe patient will have a better and clearer idea of their treatment. Jeston need to do root canal treatment on his left central incisor and since his lateral incisor was badly broken down, I had to extract it out and a bridge will be place there. After a thorough explanation on  regarding Jeston’s questions, he finally understood about the treatment plan and gave me the green light to proceed.

It was the  first  and long visit for Jeston. It took me nearly two hours for this first session to complete. I started with  first stage of root canal treatment on his left central incisor. Then, I proceeded with extraction of Jeston’s lateral incisor and a temporary bridge was placed on his left anterior teeth. This temporary bridge will be there for at least one and a half month until the extraction site healed. Two hours later, I handed him a mirror. He was all smiling. At that time I knew he was happy and satisfied with his new look.Before he left the clinic I reminded him, he had to come few more visits to complete his root canal and also to review his extraction site. He nodded and smiled at me as we bade good bye.

The long awaited smile that Jeston dream about was finally his last Saturday. After two months of waiting, this is the moment that both of us, waited for. (Yes! I was as excited as him to see the end result.)

Jeston- after

“Do have a look Jeston” I said as I passed Jeston  a mirror. As I expected, the end result was just beautiful. Jeston smiled wide and said this,” Thank you doctor. I am fully satisfied.” Hearing this from a patient just complete my day!

Jeston left the clinic with a smile on his face and I had one on mine too… won’t you had one too if you’re able to help a person achieved his dream smile?

Syawal is just around the corner. Do contact us or email me at for a smile makeover.



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