Fulfilling Finah’s hope for a beautiful smile: Dr Mawarni

Deena is a friend of my sister. We got to know from Facebook after my sister tagged her in one of my personal post regarding my previous smile makeover case.

I remember she personally texted me after I posted a case that was similar to her daughter’s dental problem in Facebook.

This has made me realize that never under estimate the power of social media in educating the public about dentistry.

I responded her inquiry by inviting her daughter for check-up. Only by a thorough check-up I could know the actual problem and provide the solutions.

Finah is Deena’s only daughter. She is 17 this year. She hardly smile with her teeth visible. Obviously this had an effect on her self-confidence. As she walked into the clinic, I could sense she is a very cheerful girl inside.

Finah’s smile: Before treatment

She came complaining of mobile tooth at upper right central incisor (11 tooth). 9 years ago, she had an accident where she fell during cycling. She had upper front jaw fracture and lost 2 permanent teeth. Her previous dentist placed back another 2 displaced teeth and secured them in position.

She had gone for several reviews with that same dentist and the Doctor had advised to do root canal treatment at the teeth that he placed which were the upper & lower right central incisors (11&41 teeth).Due to some personal reason, she postponed the treatment and the tooth got badly infected.

The 11 tooth was too mobile when I checked and was not restorable. I advised her to remove the infected, mobile tooth followed by these 2 options:

1) Braces (Fixed orthodontic) to provide space for the missing front teeth followed by denture or bridge or implants

2) Immediate fiber re-inforced composite bridge to replace the missing 11

However, I do informed them that the result if she choose the 2nd option will not be as nice compared to option 1.

I took her teeth impression to do wax up as to show her how the final result will be like. I whats’app  Deena the wax up model and she chose to do the fiber-reinforced composite bridge. Finah is willing to accept the limitation on the aesthetic part.

On the appointment date, I took her ‘before’ and immediately ‘after’ treatment photos. The procedure was quite challenging for me as I did the bridge right after I removed the mobile tooth. Hence, the area was still ‘wet’. I used rubber dam for better moisture control.

Finah gets her tooth back immediately after extraction. The blackish color of the gum is due to fresh wound right after extraction.

“You need to come back for review after one week okay,” I told them.

The main reason is because I need to do some touch up at 11 tooth. It was bloody and perfect moisture control was impossible to achieve.

Composite material is very sensitive to moisture. Without proper isolation, the treatment may failed earlier than it should.

A week later I did some touch up at the associated tooth. Wound healing was very good. Finah was also happy with her new smile. Initially, she felt weird as if she could not bite properly. However, after a week she has get used with the new biting and appearance already.

Finah’s smile one week after treatment: No more blackish appearance of the gum. The gum takes 1 week to heal

It’s a great feeling to help people achieve their life changing smiles. Everyday miracle happens. People come to us for help and give them part of their mouth/teeth to get it fixed. So, all we could do, is by doing the best that we could do. That defines us as a Doctor and human being. Being a dentist is a self-rewarding job indeed! =)

Do write to me at mawarni@story.drfauziah.com if you want to know more about this case.




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Nor iliyana
Nor iliyana
4 years ago

How much she spend for this operation?