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Hello readers!

It is already the 9th of Syawal. Days passing so fast, missing the blessing month of Ramadhan. It is the month of forgiveness, togetherness and the spirit of sharing and embracing all that He has given us. Thank you to Allah S.W.T, the Almighty for giving us another chance to complete Ramadhan.

What does Syawal means to you? In Malaysia, we prefer to call it Hari Raya or Eidul Fitri.. For me, this Eid season gives us the gift of hope and the joy of bringing family and friends together. Eid  is not ONE big thing. It is not just about the celebration , the pretty outfit, the open houses and the scrumptious food on the table. It is million little details in all those small gestures and simple things.  From the daily family meal with eyes half open during sahur(early dawn), helping mum to hang new curtains, and the endless car journey back to hometown because you simply can’t wait to play fireworks with your cousins.






Eid is about being grateful for all the people we have in our life. Celebrating it with your loved ones, connecting with those far away and cherishing those we have lost. It is not about the packet money. Of course, it matters for the kids. However, for us, adult it is about the SMILE of the people that received it. The happy smiles, the laughter of all ages and embracing the simple joys of life.

So, let’s dazzle our family and  friends with a straighter,shinier and brighter smile like these people!

After- A gorgeous smile ready to welcome her guests for this Eid!







After- A staighter and brighter teeth for Eid!







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