A New Face in KP Fauziah Publika – Dr Gan

Who is this young lady?

Question mark popped up when the regular visitors of KP Fauziah publika bumped into me in the clinic recently.

Is she a dentist? Is she good? Is she friendly? Is she able to help when I need some help with my teeth and smile?

As the Malays say “tak kenal maka tak cinta”, please allow me to introduce myself as my first step for you to fall in love with me. =)

I came from a small town in Johor. Most of the people know Kluang because of the famous railway coffee, and some know Kluang because of the famous Gunung Lambak, which is one of the favorite hiking places for people from southern Malaysia and Singapore.

I went through my primary and secondary school like everyone else. The only difference is that the school is my home as well. Why do I say so? My father was a teacher back then and I had been staying in the school hostel since young. All the teachers were actually my uncle and aunty, even the headmaster was just another friendly uncle to me. Oops…. and so I just blended in so well in the class, as if I were the host during the first day of my school. Library was my playground, the field was my backyard and the stage in the hall was just another indoor playground for me. I truly miss my childhood and I believe the school had nurtured me to become who I am today.

Raised in such environment, I was always very motivated to be a good student who excel in academic result. My journey of being excel finally hit a stone when I was rejected to further study in IPTA as a dental student. I was offered to study Actuarial Science in University Kebangsaan Malaysia instead. Without much consideration of what I really want for my life, I went on and study Actuarial Science in UKM. It was such a memorable time in my life which had left a very colorful page in the chapter of my life. I got to know many of my lifelong friends with different background and education. Until today, we still keep in touch and they are always behind my back whenever I need their support.

After completed my degree in Actuarial Science, I worked as an actuarial officer in one of the giant insurance companies in Malaysia. The successful corporate lady image did make me feel proud and glamorous for sometime before I started to wonder if it was really the life that I wanted for the rest of my life. I felt dissatisfied but I don’t know why. One day, a conversation with my family finally made me realized that my mission is to reach out and help more people. By helping people, it made my heart contents. It was definitely never easy for me to give up my job to start all over again as a full time student. However, on the other hand, it was easy as I have all my family members support.

Long story cut short, I completed my Bachelor of Dental Surgery in International Medical University and worked for Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia in Malacca before joining Klinik Pergigian Fauziah. It was a loooong… journey before I am who I am here finally. My path to be a dentist is never easy but I have no regret. The long journey had trained me well and it helped me to understand my patients better.

Today, I am happy that I am able to help people in need. Seeing my patient smile is my greatest sense of satisfaction and I am never tired to help creating a wonderful smile for my patients. Everyone asks me, has your journey of studying come to an end? My answer is No and never, I am still attending course, I am still studying and I am still learning from more experienced senior and it will never end.

If you are looking for someone who is passionate in helping you, do contact me @ ganshouwan@story.drfauziah.com.

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