The importance of dental check up & consultation: Dr Mawarni

The trend in today’s fast pace and high technology world can bring a lot of benefits and problems at the same time. Everything that we need is at the tips of our fingers.

However, the conventional way is still the much better way of doing some things. A great example is coming to see dentist for your check up.

We, as dentists believe that telling the world about what we can do via online is one of the best ways to educate public about dentistry.

The ‘before’ & ‘after’ smiles of Huda, my petite Singaporean patient.

Most of the time, dentists will post photos of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ treatment for the public to see the “evidence” or in other words the testimonial of our work.

In order to achieve that beautiful smiles that have been displayed, one must know it involves a lot of detail planning. Each individual has a completely different set of teeth. Hence, the solution also varies between individual.

For your information, dentition or teeth is like a thumb print. With sufficient dental records, dead bodies can be recognized by their teeth. That’s what the forensic dentists do..

We do get a lot of inquiries, asking about their teeth problems through email, Instagram or Facebook. You may send photos for us as a guide or rough estimation of the treatment plan & cost. However, one must know that will remains as an estimation until you come and have your mouth checked.

There are a lot of other important parameters that we need to take into consideration other than just the curve of your smile. In order to know a specific, unique treatment plan for your needs, NOTHING beats coming to see us for a thorough check up and detail consultation. 

By just paying an amount of RM50, you get to know valuable information about your oral health status, treatment options and the cost for each option.

The dentists in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah will most of the time provide a sheet of paper for you to take home. This valuable sheet contains everything that you need to know about your problem.

I reassure you will be more knowledgeable about dentistry when you leave our clinics. The dentists will ensure you have no more questions to ask right after the consultation.

However, if we do leave some questions unanswered, we will take the proactive actions to know the solution of your problems and get back to you as soon as possible.

So, wait are you waiting for? Book your appointment for a minimum of dental check up and consultation with us. I promise it will be a worthwhile visit! =)

– Dr Mawarni (

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