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I always find that, one of the hardest things in doing cosmetic dentistry is a single unit composite veneer. A lot of questions running through my head. ” What if the color doesn’t match with the rest of the teeth?”. ” What if the shape doesn’t look the same?”. “What if my patient doesn’t like it?”.

However, I always forgot to ask myself, ” What if the result is just WONDERFUL?”. ” What if, my patient LOVE his or her new smile?”. The KEY is to believe in ourselves. Even, with hundreds negative thoughts running wild in your head, that one tiny positive thought will push the negative ones to the corner of your head  and it will drive you to achieve your dream.


This is the story of Ain. Ain had a discolored lower anterior incisor due to previous root canal treatment done on it. Over the years, she noticed the tooth become darker and darker. This has made her become very uncomfortable when she smiled or laughed.

Do you know why it happened? Or what is the cause for the color changing? Well, not all root canal procedures will stain or discolor the tooth, but when it occurs it could be due to number of factors. The most common of which, is due to left over canal filling materials  being left in the crown of the tooth. Others, is caused by the dead dentin left inside the tooth.

In Ain’s case, after a thorough examination, I gave her three treatment options for her to choose:

  •  Internal bleaching.
  •  Crown.
  • Composite veneer.

After weighing the pros and cons of each treatments, Ain chose to do composite veneer. In less than one hour I achieved Ain’s dream smile.

After. Don’t you think it looks natural?

“Wow! I’m impressed!!,” Ain said as she looked at her own reflection when I passed her a mirror. “It looked so natural and  it looked excatly like the adjacent tooth.” She added.

The satisfaction and happiness that I see from my patients always make me happy too…and it also make me want to do better and give my best to all my patients.

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