D.E.N.T.I.S.T by Dr `Atil Athirah

The word DENTIST is actually a combination of the word Doctor, ENgineer and arTIST.


Our job requires the medical knowledge of a Doctor, the structural knowledge of an Engineer and the hand plus art skills of an Artist.

And the greatest feeling ever as a dentist is when your patient walks out of the treatment room feeling satisfied with our artistic work. We know then we not only rebuild the aesthetic of his/her teeth but also re-boost one’s self confidence to smile broadly & proudly!!

Here’s a story of where I implied all 3 fields of knowledge and skills onto a patient of mine…Maria.

Maria came to know of our clinics through our Instagram page and directly made an appointment.

The “small” tooth
A side view before treatment

During her appointment, she walked into our surgery room with a face full of hopes. Hoping that she will walk out in an hour flaunting her DREAM smile. That moment I knew instantly that I had to do a good job to satisfy her.

What Maria had was a rather “small” upper front tooth and she had the opposite pair missing. She explained to me how the “small” tooth disturbed her quality of life.


The side view after treatment
Composite veneer done on the “small” tooth

I suggested to Maria all she needed was a Composite Veneer to reshape the “small” tooth. As Maria agreed, I did my “MAGIC” and WALLA!!!

As I passed Maria the face mirror, her facial expression was sufficient enough to know that I had used the SKILLS that only a D.E.N.T.I.S.T can do  for the right reasons. And that was….restoring her self-esteem.

Maria left the clinic with her head held high all ready to flaunt her new smile.

So when will you?? 🙂

Leave a line at atil@story.drfauziah.com so we, the D.E.N.T.I.S.T can do our MAGIC on you too!!

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