Fiber reinforced resin bonded bridge: Dr Nik

Fiber reinforced resin bonded bridge is a minimally invasive type of bridge. This type of bridge is normally offered to those who wants an instant replacement of missing tooth. It is also an option for patient who wants a fixed solution to replace his or her missing tooth without trimming the adjacent teeth that are healthy and for those who are buying some time before going for an implant treatment.

Fiber reinforced resin bonded bridge is not something new in dental area. It has been available in the western countries for so many years and was recently introduced to the Asia region and to be more specific the South East Asia region.

Since it has been practiced for years in the other side of the world, there are quite a number of studies and researches done on this fiber reinforced resin bonded bridge. Through these studies and researches they found out that most cases of fiber reinforced resin bonded bridge can last up to 5 years or more with occasional fast and easy repair if the bridge chipped.

The procedure is quite easy but it needs artistic skills to sculpt and carve out a tooth from resin material. The procedure is a one visit procedure and may need around 1.5-2 hours to complete. The only set back of this type of bridge is that it can only replace maximum 2 missing adjacent teeth.

We started offering the treatment last March and we’d done a lot of cases since then. These are the photos of a few cases done. If you have a similar problem and would like to get this treatment, do call us for an appointment or if you have any inquiries do reach me at

Replacing missing left canine
Replacing two missing front teeth.
Replacing one missing central tooth.
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