Rebuilding your self-confidence by Dr `Atil Athirah

Confidence is defined as a noun; belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities, self-reliance, assurance.

Many factors can cause an individual to lose his or her self confidence. From the clothes they wear, to their hair-do or their body odour or the ability of one to speak fluently in a language or simply the smell of one’s breath or the appearance of their teeth.

Many of the patients whom we see at our clinic for a smile makeover often expressed that they lack of confidence due to the appearance or arrangement of their teeth. Especially for those whose job requires them to meet and communicate with people.


Allow me to share you with you of Farah’s experience at our clinic. Farah learned of our clinic’s existence through our Instagram page (you may follow our Instagram page  As she scrolled through our posts, she noticed that here at Klinik Pergigian Fauziah we often create beautiful smiles. Without further a due, she booked an appointment with us through our webpage at


After 2 composite veneers

On her appointment, Farah inquired treatment options available to close the gaps between her upper front teeth and make her teeth appear more presentable. I explained to her the treatment options available were either braces or composite veneers as both were suitable for her but with different end results. Farah was on a budget constraint and she wanted results in an instance. She opted for 2 composite veneers to be done first.


Farah with 4 composite veneers

Farah came back a week after to get the other 2 composite veneers done. Here she is with her DREAM smile…:)

Drop me a line at so we can help you rebuild your self-confidence.

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