A solution to an emergency tooth fracture: Dr Mawarni

Siti’s front tooth broke at 2a.m. on a Friday morning. She browsed through internet for available dental clinic at that early hours but none was opened. She found us through the website, waited and managed to secure an appointment with me.

“So, I heard you come due to a broken tooth,” I asked as she sat on the dental chair.

“Yes, Doctor. It is this tooth. A root canal treatment was done on this tooth,” she said as she pointed to her front tooth.

Siti’s broken root canal treated tooth. Minimal tooth structure left

I saw her left central incisor had fractured. Very little tooth structure was left. The prognosis (success rate) of restoring the tooth is very low.

“My nature of work involves meeting people, so I could not afford to walk around without my front tooth. That’s why I need it to be fixed immediately,” she said.

Siti works as a secretary in CIMB bank. She brought along her 3 beautiful, friendly sons and husband.

I offered her 2 options. First is to redo the root canal treatment followed by post crown or to extract the broken tooth followed by fiber reinforced composite bridge.

After discussing the options with her husband, she had decided to choose extraction of the associated tooth followed by immediate tooth replacement with fiber reinforced composite bridge.

Without wasting any time, I immediately started the procedure. Her 3 sons were so attentive and freely sat close to me as they took turn to watch the procedure done on their mother.

An hour after extraction. Instant tooth replacement!

Her case was quite challenging as I immediately built a tooth right after an extraction. The challenge was because the area was still a raw wound. However, the bleeding was controlled successfully.

I advised her to come back on Monday for some touch up of the bridge as it was impossible for me to do a perfect job on that day due to the fresh wound.

When she came on Monday, I did some minor touch up. She was not in pain. However, there was slight discomfort due to mild gum swelling at the palate.

Yes, the palatal tissue around the extracted site was slightly swollen. I think it was partly due to the pre-existing infection of that tooth.

I advised her to come again after 2 weeks just to check on the swelling and wound healing of the area.

A fiber reinforced composite bridge is another way of replacing your tooth immediately after an extraction. It is a certainly another affordable option besides the conventional fixed-fixed bridge or an implant.

Siti’s smile: Before & After Fiber-reinforced composite bridge treatment. (2 days after extraction and touch up)

If you happen to experience the same tooth fracture as Siti, it is not the end of the world. Call us to book for appointment. We are always ready to help you. The dentist will check and guide you to the option that suits your condition & budget. =)

~Do email me at mawarni@story.drfauziah.com if you have an enquiry about this case.

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Romina Mackenzie
Romina Mackenzie
4 years ago

I already extract my pre-molar teeth 3 months ago and thinking of doing fiber reinforcements compiste bridge. How much does it cost?