Relax, Restore & Renew by Dr `Atil Athirah

Caries also known as tooth decay, cavity or decay of a tooth. a localized disease that begin at the surface of the tooth and may progress through the dentine into the pulp cavity. It is believed that the action of microorganisms in the mouth on ingested sugars and carbohydrates produces acids that eat away the enamel. The protein structure of the dentine is then destroyed by enzymatic action and bacterial invasion. Diet, general health, structural defects of the teeth, and heredity affect one’s chances of developing caries.

However in our community, many are still unaware that teeth with caries need not always require extraction but on the other hand, can be preserved with the right treatment.


Our patient, Mr Zack made an appointment through our website requiring for a check up at our Taman Melawati branch. In the course of his appointment, Mr Zack clarified to me that he has not seen a dentist for quite sometime hence the anxiety shown. He showed unhappiness of the appearance of his upper front teeth and requested if I could restore his badly carious teeth as he saw many of our Instagram posts that it was actually do-able. Given the nature of his job meeting clients day in day out, he feels ashamed while interacting with them.



Mr Zack had badly carious upper front teeth leaving some with only half of the original tooth structure. However his cavities did not leave exposure to the pulpal tissue therefore he did not need root canal treatment for any of his teeth. All he needed was preventive treatment;  a full mouth scaling and polishing and restorative procedures which were combinations of composite fillings and composite veneers. In one hour duration, I managed to bring back his long lost beauty smile and he of course was truly happy indeed =)

For those of you out there with a case alike, let me help you today to RELAX, RESTORE & RENEW yourself



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