A Brand New Tooth Filling – Dr Gan

Many of us have a tooth filling in mouth. How do you like your filling? Is it comfortable? Does it look pleasant when you smile?

When we go for a dental filling, we pray hard that the dentist can put in a perfect filling for us. We hope that the filling is comfortable and nobody can notice the dental filling. It is even better if it can improve the beauty of our existing teeth.

Mr N visited our clinic last week because he did not like his old filling. The old filling on his front tooth had been there for some time. However, it did not serve him very well. This filling had been drawing too much attention when he speaks to people. This made Mr N felt conscious whenever he spoke to people.

We looked at the filling and discussed about it. The color of the filling did not match. The border of the filling is too obvious, with a short black line. Moreover, it appeared shorter. The neighboring tooth appeared fractured and shorter, affecting the overall look of Mr N.

With the information in hand, we decided to replace the fillings. The new fillings should be color matching, both of the teeth should look symmetrical in shape. Most importantly, it should bring live to Mr N’s smile.

These fillings meant a lot to Mr N. He was hoping that he will feel more confident after the treatment. Hence, I was very cautious doing the new fillings for him. After about half an hour, with multiple adjustments here and there, I finally handed Mr N a mirror and asked for his comment.

“Great!” Mr N smiled. Finally, I could let my hair down as I knew I did not fail him. Both of us were happy with the brand new fillings. He can now speak and smile bright without any hesitation.

If you are unhappy with your old filling and hoping for a wonder, do write to me @ ganshouwan@story.drfauziah.com, I will be glad to bring wonder to your smile.

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