Multidisciplinary Dentistry: Dr Nik

Multidisciplinary dentistry refers to dental treatment that uses more than one type of dental tactic. It utilizes a team approach of general dentists and specialists in the diagnosis, treatment plan and treatment of all types of oral issues.

This type of multidisciplinary dentistry requires a lot of strategy and expertise. Caring for patients’ teeth, we are not just looking at the teeth alone, but rather look to at least four areas ¬†of dental health: biology , structure, aesthetics and function.

In recent case, I had my patient who had completed her orthodontic (braces) treatment and was seen by me for further treatment. I worked on the aesthetic part of her dental issue.

Before: note the smaller size left ‘center’ tooth and pointed canine on the left

She had missing upper central tooth and due to that went through orthodontic treatment to move her lateral side tooth to the center position, close gaps and correct her teeth alignment.

Upon completing the treatment, she had her lateral side tooth to represent her central tooth and her canine to represent the side ones. However the shape of these two teeth did not present the normal look of dental dentition.

After: correct size and shape of upper left center and side tooth

Hence, I came in to do some makeover with composite veneers and reshape the teeth to look like the actual central and side tooth. With just two composite veneers, I totally change her overall look…don’t you think so?

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