Happy 60th Birthday Malaysia : Dr. Dini


As I grew older and wiser (I hope :-), I realized time flies so fast. Seemed like July had just started and in a blink of an eye, it’s already August. What is so special about August? Well…for one, we, Malaysian celebrate our National Day or better known as Merdeka (Independence )Day on every 31st of August. I won’t go into detail on how we achieved this, simply because I am hundred percent sure every one of us, know the history.

What I want to share is the meaning of Independence Day or Merdeka  to me and what I wish for our beloved country.

To many, Merdeka has become just another public holiday. I’m guilty of that as well. Growing up, I never really thought about the meaning of Independence Day. However, as I am in my forty’s and become a mother of three girls, I pray and wish that our beloved country will finally has it’s INDEPENDENCE.

I believed MERDEKA originated from a Sanskrit term, Maharddika, which means rich, prosperous and powerful. Perhaps this is what our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman hoped. With this full meaning, I wish to see no more racial cards being played in this country, free of power abuse, a holistic education system and development that  compromise our environment. I wish to see more love and smile towards our neighbors. Who is our neighbor, you might ask? It is our fellow Malaysian in multi-racial society like ours. It is only when we Malaysians learn to love our fellow Malaysians, irrespective of gender and race, a transformation of society can take place and this can put Malaysia on the world map for a wonderful reason.

Happy 60th Merdeka Day from all of us in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah.

After all, LOVE is about being patient and kind. It does not envy or boast, nor self-seeking or proud. And because we at Klinik Pergigian Fauziah LOVE you, our PATIENT, we are giving you this MERDEKA PROMOTION:


So…let’s spread the Love and drop any enquiry you have at dini@story.drfauziah.com


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