Nisa’s Journey To A Brand New Smile : Dr. Dini

Sometimes in life, taking the long, highway route is  the best option for us, rather than the short cut way. Why? Of course the short cut route will give you immediate and faster result, but what about the satisfaction that you feel at the end of the road? Because, there is truth in the saying, ‘ it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey’.

Before- right side view
Before-front view
Before-left side view








Case in point, Nisa. We first met December 2014. She wanted to straighten her teeth, but refused to wear the conventional braces. She taught I could straighten her teeth with veneer treatment, but I told her orthodontic treatment(braces) would be best for her. At, that time, we had already started  having Clearpath (clear aligner) in our clinic. Though the fees was rather higher than the normal braces, Nisa undoubtedly opted for it. It is faster than conventional braces, more comfortable and most people don’t even notice you are undergoing orthodontic therapy!

She was excited and can’t wait a minute longer to start off her treatment. Therefore on the same day we collected all the data needed like x-rays, study models and some pictures. These data are then sent to the lab and the waiting game begins. It takes about six weeks for the lab to fabricate the aligners that are custom made for the patients.

She started wearing her first aligner on March 2015. I still remember the discomfort she felt when she wore the first two aligners. She complaint tightness of the aligner that made her felt uneasy when she talked to people. I had to reassure her that was normal feeling when patient first started wearing aligners or  even braces. Eventually, she will get used to this feeling and yes, it was true enough, when I saw her eight weeks later, she was all smiling .

We saw each other quite frequently, every three to four months for reviewing and for her to collect her aligners. Over the time, I could see a lot of improvement regarding of Nisa’s teeth arrangement and biting. She was happy with the progress too.

Cut it short to last week, two and half years after her first aligner. Her teeth was in a well alignment.

View from the right side
View from the left side

Yes, it was a long journey. However, it taught both of us (Nisa and I) about being patience, learning and discovering new things. I believe that is the most valuable lesson we both acquired from this.

Nisa’s journey does not end here. She still needs to wear her last aligner as a retainer. This is to maintain the new position of her teeth.


A straighter, well aligned teeth


I believe by now most of  you (our readers and patients)  know there are few systems in orthodontic treatment. We have conventional braces, Damon braces and the clear aligners, be it Clearpath or Invisalign. Please do some readings before you choose any of the treatment and don’t fall for the fake braces trap. Also, do visit us for more information regarding this and drop any questions you have at I will gladly answer it.

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